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Why An ATM?

Are you wondering why you should have an ATM in your business?

Here are some facts to help you answer that question:

  • ATM customers spend an average of 20 – 25% more than non-ATM customers and the percentage of cash withdrawn is spent at your location – 10-20% retail, 70-80% nightclub
  • A recent Harris Interactive poll found that the ATM was as vital to respondents as e-mail, equal in consumers’ minds to cell phones, and trailing only computers and microwaves in popularity.
  • 80% of American’s have an ATM card and 60% of them use it regularly
  • At retail locations; ATMs that dispense $20 bills increased their store sales by over 8%. 60% of American’s age 25-34 and 51% of American’s ages 35-49 use their ATM cards 8 times per month with an average withdraw of $60
  • Provide convenience to your customers
  • Increase foot traffic to your business
  • Create a new profit center for your business – we offer profit sharing from the very first transaction on
  • Having an ATM at your business is 100% hands off. We handle everything. We install the ATM, fill the ATM, service the ATM, pay the monthly charges for the ATM and we even handle any potential customer disputes
  • If you are cash only – 10% of the customers that leave your business to get cash will never return
  • Cash is the global payment method of choice, accounting for at least 8 of every 10 payment transactions
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