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Who Are The ATM Ladies?

The ATM Ladies is a privately held, local ATM company, that provides full-service ATM services to businesses throughout PA, MD, and DE. The ATM Ladies also offers full-service ATM services for special events throughout PA, MD, DE, NJ and NY.

We install and maintain multiple ATMs at various location types including but not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Hair Salons, Nail Salons and Barber Shops
  • Nightclubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs
  • Colleges and College Dorms
  • Festivals, Fairs and Carnivals

Since 2009, The ATM Ladies have developed a reputation of reliability, integrity and respect. Our reputation directly impacts the value of our ATM services and our capacity to build value for our clients. Our goal is to build and protect our organization’s good name, generating positive experiences for our clients and their customers.

Who Exactly Are The ATM Ladies?

The ATM Ladies is made up of 2 awesome and outstanding ladies (if we do say so ourselves!)

Carey Buck is the Vice President of Development for The ATM Ladies. Ms. Buck has extensive real estate knowledge, which comes in very handy in the ATM business. Ms. Buck has over 15 years of real estate and sales experience. Her focus with The ATM Ladies is finding and developing relationships with businesses and organizations that have ATM needs for their storefronts and/or special events.

Ms. Buck earned an Associates degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in the Music and Video Business. A major focus was put on advertising and marketing which comes in handy in the ATM business.

Kathy Dougherty is the Vice President of Installations for The ATM Ladies. Ms. Dougherty also has extensive real estate knowledge which dates back to when she was a child and her father owned real estate investments. Ms. Dougherty’s vast real estate knowledge and incredible problem solving skills, that she has developed while working in the healthcare/pharmaceutical fields for over 16 years, is what allows her to keep all of The ATM Ladies’ ATMs running smoothly. Her focus for The ATM Ladies is installing and maintaining the operation of all ATMs.

Ms. Dougherty earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Immaculata University. Ms. Dougherty has extensive research experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. She leverages her research experience and problem solving skills to contribute to the success of The ATM Ladies.

What The ATM Ladies Want You To Know

  • We love that we are a small, local, women owned business. We feel it helps us relate to you and understand your business needs better.
  • We pride ourselves on developing a great, lasting relationship with you. We aren’t just all business when we walk into your location. We really want to know YOU…as a person. Really, we do.
  • We enjoy giving back by donating a portion of our profits to charities that we believe in. Check out some of the charities that we support.
  • We believe that our ATMs and your businesses and/or events help to keep our local economies thriving. We love being a part of that.
  • We believe you and your business or event really does make a huge difference in your customers lives! We’re happy to contribute our little bit in order to help you help your customers more!

Call Us At 610-466-5710 or Contact Us Here With Any ATM Questions