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Surcharge Free Mobile ATMs

Surcharge Free Mobile ATMs

We see surcharge free atms at convenience stores like WaWa, Royal Farms, 7-11, etc. all over the place.

But have you ever seen a surcharge free ATM at an event? Yes, a no surcharge fee ATM at your next carnival, festival, or other event that needs easy cash access.

While most mobile ATMs have an above normal surcharge fee, maybe you’ll want to consider having a surcharge fee ATM for your event?

When mobile ATM companies charge above normal surcharge fees, that’s how they pay their expenses and of course, make a profit.

But you do have the ability to speak with the mobile ATM company in order to have surcharge free ATMs at your next event. (Keep in mind, there will be a charge on your part for this service. Since there are no surcharge fees being charge, the mobile ATM company, of course needs to cover their expenses and make a profit.)

surcharge free mobile atms

The really cool thing about offering a surcharge free ATM at your event is that you and your organization will be seen as the heroes!

When we offer surcharge free ATMs at mobile events, we allow the organization to display on our mobile ATMs that this surcharge free ATM is brought to you (the event attendee) courtesy of (your organization.)

Attendees with access to cash is a bonus for all of your vendors that may only take cash or that would prefer folks to use cash. (Not to mention times when vendors credit card machines go down!)

When vendors are happy, they keep coming back to your events.

Then when attendees realize you took that $4 or $5 surcharge fee off of them, they will appreciate your organization and your event that much more!

When you add up happy attendees and happy vendors that equals more cash flowing through your festival or event, which means happy organization!

Get our free report here “The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need An ATMIn Your Business or At Your Event Now!” or Call The ATM Ladies at 610-466-5710 to see how we can help you with your next event!

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