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Done For You Program

The ATM Ladies Done For You Program is a 100% hands off system for you, the business owner.

We understand that you are a business owner and you are busy running a successful business.

Our Done For You Program allows you to continue running your business while adding a convenience for your customers and an extra revenue stream for your business.

We often have business owners ask us “What’s the catch?” when speaking about our Done For You Program.

Here’s the answer to that question:

There really is no catch. All you have to do is provide us a space to put the ATM in and point us to the nearest 110v electrical outlet and voila! After the ATM is set up, people will start using the ATM and we will start sending you a profit sharing check once a month. No strings attached. Promise.

Our responsibilities with our Done For Your Program:

  • We buy the ATM machine
  • We use our cash inside the ATM machine
  • We load the cash when it needs to be replenished
  • We handle minor and major service issues
  • We insure the ATM and the cash
  • We handle ATM customers’ issues
  • We secure the communication for the ATM
  • We even share some of the profits with you monthly

Top 4 benefits of the Done For Your Program:

  • You get a free ATM for your business
  • Extra insurance policy is not needed
  • Added revenue stream for your business
  • No need to deal with customers that have issues with the ATM (we take care of them for you)

Done For You Program from The ATM Ladies