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Do It Yourself Program

The ATM Ladies Do It Yourself Program is a way for you to have 100% ownership of the ATM in your business.

We understand that as a business owner already that you may also be up for the challenge of handling all aspects of an ATM for your business all on your own.

Our Do It Yourself Program gives you the most control over your ATM, but that control also comes with all of the time, money and risk involved with owning an ATM.

With the Do It Yourself Program you really are doing it all yourself. You will be purchasing or leasing an ATM, supplying the cash for the ATM, loading the ATM when it needs it, servicing the ATM when needed, handling potential customer disputes should they arise, paying all associated expenses for your ATM and anything else that should arise with your new ATM. You take on 100% of the risk associated with the ATM for your business. Of course with 100% of the risk comes 100% of the profits!

If you think that you’d like to have less to no risk involved with an ATM for your business then please check out our Done For Your Program or our 50/50 Share Program.

Our responsibilities with our Do It Yourself Program:

  • We can sell or lease you an ATM
  • We can provide you service (for a fee)
  • We pay you 100% of your profits monthly

Top 4 benefits of the Do It Yourself Program:

  • You have 100% control over the ATM in your business
  • You control the surcharge fee that you’d like to charge
  • Added revenue stream for your business
  • The ability to advertise your business on receipts and/or the main screen is 100% available to you

**We Never Charge For Your ATM Processing!**

Do It Yourself Program from The ATM Ladies