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50/50 Share Program

The ATM Ladies 50/50 Share Program gives you a little more responsibility when it comes to the ATM itself, but it also means that you share in 50% of the profits!

We understand that you are a business owner running a successful business but that you also don’t mind putting in a little more effort to your ATMs success so that you can reap more of the profits.

Our 50/50 Share Program allows you to continue running your business while collecting more of the monthly profits from the ATM. Keep in mind that with our 50/50 Share Program that along with more monthly profits for you also comes more time, money and potential risk for you as well.

For our part of the 50/50 Share Program we still offer many services to help you with your ATM, but the most vital part of the ATM will be something that you now handle. That’s cash loading and cash management.

Our responsibilities with our 50/50 Share Program:

  • We buy the ATM machine
  • We provide technical support
  • We handle major service issues
  • We insure the ATM only
  • We handle ATM customers’ issues (with your help)
  • We share 50% of the profits with you monthly

Top 4 benefits of the 50/50 Share Program:

  • You get a free ATM for your business
  • You are in complete control of the cash inside the ATM so you always know how much is in the ATM and when it may need to be reloaded
  • Added revenue stream for your business
  • You have technical support assistance to help you handle minor service issues that arise
  • **We Never Charge For Your ATM Processing**

    50/50 Share Program from The ATM Ladies